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CHP and Gasification of biomass
Depolymerisation of plastic, tires
ORC "Green Machine" for waste heat




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COGENERA - Artim and partners:

Company Artim d.o.o. has 10 years of experience in biomass heating and CHP. We have more than 200 references with biomass and solar heating from 10 kW to 3 MW.
With partners we provide planning and construction of biomass gasification CHP plants. Universal gasifiers and downdraft gasifiers for clean syngas from 150 kW to 3000 kW of thermal output.
Electra Therm ORC units "Green Machine" for low temperature waste heat utilization - can generate from 20 - 65 kW of electricity.
Innovative technology for processing of waste plastic and used tires to PolyFuel and active carbon - Low Temperature Catalytic depolymerization



GB Gasifire - Biomass and Depolymerisation

kogeneracija GB


GB Consulting s.r.o. together with IE India Pvt. Ltd. is a famous leader in conversion of biomass into electrical and thermal energy and biomass technologies in global market. as a technology focused company has IE india Pvt. Ltd. two decades of experience in solutions using biomass for energy production.

In 2012 the company iE India Pvt. Ltd. signed a technological partnership with GB Gasifired Europe to improve biomass gasification technology. GB Gasifired Europe provides development and research gasification technology, the manufacturing and sale of technology for the European and american market.

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In the companies GB consulting and IE india Pvt. Ltd. - quality is a “mantra”.
Management and all levels of staff have high knowledge and strong belief about the importance of quality.

All processes in both companies are focusing on the most important target - to maintain high and constant quality standard. Efficiency is based on the iso 9001:2008 certification, awarded by the United Kingdom accreditation service. GB consulting company owns European certificate (CE mark) for all supplied Gasification technology.

It is commitment to the customer’s business that drives our efforts towards creating advances in technology through innovation. Not for the sake of technology, but towards bettering our customer’s business through productivity, profitability and peace-of-mind.
Today we have more than 500 implementation with a history of more than 10 years.

fuel research centre


GB Consulting with the support of RCFG (Research Centre for Fuel Generation Pyrolysis Systeme) , constituting the part of the company Plasma Energy (P) Ltd., delivers the technology for the synthetic oil processing, the outcome of which is patented fuel Polyfuel®, i.e. a hydrocarbon liquid, composed of petrol, kerosene and diesel.

Depolymerization technology is energetically self-sufficient and for its operation uses the outlet raw materials. On the other hand, the technology can generate electrical power and heat by the cogeneration (a combined generation of heat and electricity) and can exploit the waste polymers ecologically and in a way providing the benefit in the form of the power generation. Otherwise, the disposal of the waste polymers would be rather demanding, possibly harming and polluting the environment.


electratherm green machine


ElectraTherm, Inc. is a leader in small-scale waste heat recovery. ElectraTherm’s fuel-free, emission-free Green Machine can convert sources of low grade waste heat (Internal Combustion Engines, biomass boilers, etc.) into power, and offer an attractive payback period on investment. Incorporated in 2005 and headquartered in Reno, Nevada, ElectraTherm is a privately held company.