artim biomasna kogeneracija

Biomass cogeneration
Cobined heat and power from biomass
Syngas power plants



cogeneration container

Combined heat and power from biomass

Cogeneration units:

  • Operation hours: 7500 - 7800 hours / year

  • electric efficiency: from 32 - 38%, thermal efficiency 51 - 55%

  • electric power range: from 200 kW - 3000 kW

  • Cogeneration units: Guascor, TEDOM, Jenbacher, Cummins.

  • Fuel: Clean Syngas produced with biomass Universal gasifier or downdraft gasifier








Container preinstalled units or CHP units for installation in engine room:

heat and power


biomass cogeneration


CHP biomass


TEDOM syngas CHP container


chp biomass



CHP electric generator



biomass cogeneration


downdraft gasifiers biomass
univerzal biomas gasifiers


Gasification of wood biomass
presentation biomass cogeneration


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