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Low-thermic Catalytic Depolymerization

Development of depolymerization technology of the processing of plastics, oils and tires includes:

Waste plastics and tires are long-chain polymers, containing more than 50,000 carbon atoms, directly linked by the cross-link or branched chains. Depolymerization decomposes the long-chain to shorter chains - see below.

Thermochemical decomposition of plastic or tire polymer

Characteristic of Tire Depolymerization Line

The company GB Pyrolysis, in co-operation with the technology producer Sanjivani Phytopharma (P) Ltd., has developed a commercially viable technology of waste plastic, oil and tire depolymerizationtechnology, offering the following benefits:

Based on the research, carried-out for more than 25 years, the company Sanjivani Phytopharma (P) Ltd. has successfully developed unique process and production facility for the industrial low-temperature catalytic depolymerization of the polymer waste. Since 2004 we have been developing depolymerization plants in India, we have achieved phenomenal successes in the field of waste plastic, waste oil and tire depolymerization.

Two reference of depolymerization plant in India :


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